Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease

Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease

There is not anything much more important to our health than the air we breathe, wouldn’t you agree? So, given that we spend roughly 90 percent of our time indoors and 70 percent of that time in our homes, the indoor air quality in our homes is critical. Studies show that the air in our homes can be as much as five times worse than the outdoor air. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as our homes are equipped with HVAC systems that are extremely efficient at circulating air throughout our home. Unfortunately, this includes not only climate-controlled air but the airborne pollutants and allergens which also reside in our homes.


The Centers for Diseases Control estimates that 9 out of 10 people worldwide are exposed to harmful pollution. Mostly, this comes from road traffic and industrial emissions, but it also comes indoors in the form of pollution caused by burning fuels for heating and cooking. Poor air quality – whether outdoors or indoors – can be very harmful to our health. This is particularly true of those who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies. Perhaps more serious is the effect poor air quality has on cardiovascular health.  The CDC says breathing in the tiny particles that make up polluted air can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke by raising the risk of blood clots, raising your blood pressure, hardening your arteries and causing an irregular heartbeat. 


Air quality is a major concern in Orange County, both indoors and out. Associated Heating & Air recognizes the important role indoor air quality (IAQ) plays in our customers’ and neighbors’ lives, and we are committed to providing the best IAQ services possible to the Anaheim and Orange County areas. This begins with maintenance of your HVAC system and a good place to start is with the air filters. Inspecting and changing your air filters regularly will help keep a lot of that dirt, allergens and other stuff you shouldn’t be breathing out of your home and will also help your system’s air flow and overall efficiency. The good news is that you can join our Discount Club Membership and let our professionally-licensed technicians take care of all your maintenance. Membership includes twice-yearly visits, discounts on services and priority scheduling. In addition to maintenance, we also offer several solutions aimed at improving your home’s IAQ, including air scrubbers/purifiers, humidifiers, comprehensive duct cleaning and even asbestos removal. Call Associated today to find out more and don’t forget to visit us at our Anaheim CA location and on Facebook and Twitter!