Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Holiday Disaster

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Holiday Disaster

As the countdown to Thanksgiving moves forward, have you stopped to think about what the holiday gathering might be like if your HVAC system shuts down just when the company starts arriving? No one likes to think about that happening in your Orange County, CA home and the best way to prevent it is regular HVAC maintenance from the professionals at Associated Heating & Air.

Identifying problems early

This is what seasonal tune-ups are designed to do. A trained HVAC technician can often identify and fix potential problems before a breakdown occurs. Think of it as an ounce of prevention. Would you rather spend a few bucks on a scheduled maintenance visit? Or call for emergency service on Thanksgiving morning and hope the problem can be fixed before dinner?

HVAC Maintenance = Saving money

Reliability isn’t the only benefit you receive from preventive maintenance. It will also save money on the monthly utility bills. A system gets dirty causing wear and tear which leads to loss of efficiency. This causes your system to run more and results in higher energy bills. Wear and tear also cause breakdowns that are almost always more expensive to fix than routine maintenance calls.

Warranty coverage lapses

This is another problem if you ignore regular maintenance. Many manufacturers require maintenance by a trained technician for the warranty to remain valid. If you gamble and lose you could be stuck with a big repair bill if something goes wrong.

You can help

It always makes things better when the homeowners do their part. Make sure to change your filters regularly, keep debris and vegetation away from any outside compressors, and make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries if it requires them. The best way to assure proper maintenance is to become a Discount Club member. You will receive two visits a year to maintain your heating and cooling systems. Membership also includes discounts and priority scheduling if a breakdown happens.

Be prepared

We all love our mild Southern California winters, but it doesn’t mean you can get complacent about your heating and cooling systems. We know the chilly mornings will happen. At the same time, you never know when you will have to suddenly turn the A/C back on. Call Associated Heating & Air to schedule your maintenance appointment now. Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.