Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Name one thing that is more important than breathing. Can’t be done, right? So, as we all agree on the importance of breathing, then we can probably agree that the quality of the air that we breathe is also fairly important. Taking it one step further, as many of us spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors (and most of that time is in our homes), our home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) is of paramount importance to our customers. It affects the overall health of our loved ones and that makes it important to us as well. 


Associated Heating & Air is Orange County’s experienced air quality professionals and we take our IAQ services as seriously as you do.  Here are just a few reasons why IAQ is so important and why we are committed to helping our customers improve the air quality in their homes:

  1. Elimination of allergens/germs/pollutants.  A large segment of the population suffers from what is commonly referred to as hay fever. Characterized by sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and sore throats; this is generally caused by airborne allergens. They include mostly dust, animal dander, mold spores and pollen. Other pollutants that can cause issues in your home include second-hand smoke, and chemicals/gases such as carbon monoxide that are produced by burning fuels or other substances. Also circulating through your home are any germs which family members may have picked up and brought home, such as cold/flu germs. In addition to regular vacuuming and sweeping, proper HVAC climate control, ventilation and air purification will help keep these allergens/germs/pollutants at bay.
  2. Easier breathing. Indoor air quality improves the ease with which we breathe. Our body can struggle with breathing if the air is even slightly polluted; it has to work harder than normal to intake enough oxygen. Over time, this can stress out your body and contribute to other health issues, such as stroke and heart disease. Easier breathing in turn leads to…
  3. Better sleep. Good IAQ improves our breathing while we sleep, which is integral for our bodies to settle into a deep, restful slumber.
  4. Removes odors. Bacteria, food, mold, smoke, pets and a litany of other stinky culprits can contribute to noticeable odors in your home. 
  5. Controls humidity. By keeping indoor air quality healthy, we also promote healthy levels of humidity. During all seasons, too much or not enough moisture in the air can be harmful to our health and inanimate objects in our homes, such as flooring and furniture.


Associated Heating & Air offers many solutions that will help you improve your homes indoor air quality, running from the Lennox Healthy Climate Merv16 air filter to the NASA-approved Air Scrubber Plus. We also offer duct cleaning and asbestos removal, so call our professionals today to schedule an IAQ analysis. Associated stands ready to get your home’s IAQ as healthy as possible … and keep it that way.