Why Winter Makes Indoor Air Quality Worse

Why Winter Makes Indoor Air Quality Worse

Part of our job at Associated Heating & Air is to dispel myths. One of them is that allergies are a spring and summer problem. That’s not the case when we’re talking about allergies caused by indoor air quality (IAQ) problems which can be worse in the winter.

Enjoying the great indoors

This may not be quite as true in Southern California but even here winter means spending more time in our Anaheim, CA homes than we do during other times of the year. Outdoor hobbies like gardening, walking, and golf becomes indoor hobbies like reading, binge-watching your favorite streaming service, and doing crafts and puzzles. Additionally, it’s the time of year when the windows are closed tightly trapping unhealthy air.

Winter IAQ tips

  1. Try to keep your pets outside. This is one advantage of where we live. Animals can spend more time outside than say someplace like Montana where the temperatures can be dangerously cold. Associated knows pets are often part of the family, but they also produce dust and pet dander. At the very least try to keep them away from the bedroom and off the furniture.
  2. Change your clothes and take off your shoes when you come home. The disadvantage of living in Southern California means pollen is more of a year-round problem. Every day you are likely bringing it home on your clothes and in your hair. Maybe not as much as spring or summer, but still enough to cause seasonal indoor air quality issues. It’s also a good idea to take a shower and wash your hair before you go to bed.
  3. Fight back by improving ventilation. It’s not easy to do during winter but when possible, open the windows and get some fresh air in the house. Some signs of ventilation problems include condensation on walls and windows, stuffy air and odors, or signs of mold.

Air filtration & cleaners

Clearly, this isn’t directly related to seasonal indoor air quality because improving your filtration or installing air cleaners provides year-round advantages. The experts at Associated can help you with multiple options. During December we are offering up to a 25% discount on the NASA approved Air Scrubber Plus to improve your IAQ. The device attaches directly to your HVAC system and uses ActivePureⓇ Technology to remove or destroy up to 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants. You can also choose from multiple high-efficiency filters including our featured product line from Lennox.

We’re here to help

Associated Heating & Air has been serving Anaheim, CA and all of Orange County since 1990. If you are ready to find long term solutions to your seasonal indoor air quality problems, give us a call. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more great information throughout the year.